Hymn Lyrics FAQ

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Hymn Lyrics FAQ

Post by otseng » Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:03 pm

How do I search for songs?
Click on the magnifying glass icon.

How can I suggest a song to add to Hymn Lyrics?
Go to Ecodia Submit Hymn.

I suggested a song, but it has never been added.
Only public domain songs will be added to Hymn Lyrics. If the author is still alive, it's not public domain. If there's a copyright on it, it's not public domain. If it's not on the major hymn lyrics sites, it's not public domain.

Can I have a translation of Hymn Lyrics in my language?
Most certainly. Several translations are currently available. If you can provide public domain hymns in a file, a free version of Hymn Lyrics can be made available in your language.