Hymn Numbering

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Hymn Numbering

Post by otseng » Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:53 pm

Hymn Lyrics Plus has hymn numbering so that it can match your hymnbook.

To enable viewing hymn numbers, enable Menu/Settings/Show Hymn Numbers.

There are two ways to edit hymn numbers:
1. Long click a hymn and select Edit Song Number or Edit Custom Song
2. Load a song file.

How to load a song file:
- Create a text file with the songs. See below for the format of the file.
- Place the text file on your phone. One way is to email the text file to your phone as an attachment. Then when you read the email, save the attachment.
- In Hymn Lyrics Plus, from the main menu, click on "Custom Songs"
- Select "Load Custom Songs"
- Navigate to the custom song file and click on it.
- The songs will be loaded.

File format:
Number: 1
Title: Amazing Grace
Number: 2
Title: Victory In Jesus
Number and Title are required for each song.
Each song must end with "---" on a new line.

When you save your custom songs, a file HymnLyricsPlusEnglishTitles.txt will be created that has a list of all the titles of the songs. Copy this file and add "Number: x" to each song that you want to number. Then load the file.